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Data: 16 Martie 2020


Dear people and organizations, institutions and initiative groups involved in ESC, Erasmus+ and SEE projects,
Please read the following information carefully. It containg both important source of informations from the official sources in Romania translated in English!


You have a list of the most important measures in place in Romania in relation with COVID-19 HERE.

You have a list of 15 recommendations for responsible social behavior against COVID-19 available HERE.

Please note that due to the evolving situation of infections with COVID-19, the Romanian Government and its institutions are taking measures to diminish the number of infections with the virus. In addition, other states in Europe and worldwide are taking a range of measures that also impact life, travel, business etc. These measures are changing rapidly, please check for the updates on the official websites.


Information sources for Romania

Comitetul National pentru Situatii Speciale de Urgenta/National Committee for Special Emergency Situations – List of measures adopted

Ministry of Internal Affairs – Department for Emergency Situations; active also on Facebook

Ministry of Foreign Affairs – travel warnings to other countries

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Embassies of Romania abroad

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Embassies in Romania

Information about customs control at the entrance in Romania, including the closure of customs points

Ministry of Health - COVID-19 section

The list of County Health Directions

Map of cases in Romania

List of red/yellow areas affected with COVID-19 – regularly updated


Greenline for information about COVID-19 for people on Romanian territory: 0800800358.

Greenline form information about COVID-19 for Romanian citizens abroad: +4021.320.20.20

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